Top Five “Fat” Superfoods: Cocoa

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Why Is Cocoa A Top Five Fat Super Food?

If you are looking for a feel good food that helps your mind, body and soul, look no further. Mood, memory and medical health are a few of the benefits of this “super food”.

Cocoa is super food number four!

Cocoa Benefits Your Mind and Body

Cocoa effects your mind through hormones and chemical messengers (serotonin, phenylethylamine and theobromine and insulin)  that stimulates feelings of euphoria, boosts mood and memory.

A randomized placebo controlled study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that healthy men who consumed 500 mg of cocoa felt significantly more calm and content than those in the placebo group after 30 days,

Calm and content are important for your emotional well being. Cocoa goes beyond improving your mood,   it can boost memory and help improve health. A 2015 study found cocoa significantly reduces age-related mental…

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Top Five “Fat” Superfoods: Bone Marrow

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credit:Roasted Bone Marrow with Ox Tail, Parsley Salad and Toasted Brioche Recipes | Food Network Canada:

Bone Marrow is Super Food Number 3

Bone marrow is a fatty substance, yellow and red in color, found in the core of animal bones. It is composed of fat and other nutrients proline (glutamine) and glycine, iron, calcium, phosphorous, vitamin A, type I, II and III collagen as well as additional nutrients) that support its role as a super food. Bone marrow helps to:

  • Stimulate collagen production to help reduce cellulite and wrinkles
  • Support digestive health and leaky gut repair
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Aid in muscle building
  • Promote wound healing
  • Detox the liver
  • Boost brain function/memory
  • Assist with improved sleep

Lack of Research for Bone Marrow

I was not able to find clinical studies on the specific effects of eating bone marrow and its health benefits but that does not…

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Top Five “Fat” Superfoods: Coconut

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Image result for coconut

Coconut is number 2 on the Top 5 Fat Superfood List. If you want to build your immune system, lose weight, improve cholesterol and digestive issues try adding coconut to your meals/snacks. Fresh coconut, virgin coconut oil or unsweetened shredded coconut flakes are foods loaded with healthy saturated fat!

Yes, healthy saturated fat can contribute to wellness in many ways. But why is saturated fat from steak or coconut, healthy? Composition! Its’ chemical structure is key. Fats come in different lengths. Coconut is composed of 60% medium chain triglycerides (MCT) as opposed to short or long chain triglycerides. This is what makes it so unique and powerful.

Consuming three tablespoons of coconut oil each day fuels you with MCT and lauric acid. Lauric acid is the fatty acid responsible for making a difference in your ability to fend off germs, build and strengthen your immunity against bacteria, fungus and viruses, the…

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Top Five “Fat” Superfoods

“Superfood” is a term used to describe foods that are nutrient dense and that may contribute to better health or provide health benefits.  These power foods are natural, not created in a food lab and provide the most nutrient “bang” for the calorie “buck”. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, co-enzymes, fiber, anti-oxidants or phyto-nutrients.

Typically low fat fruits, vegetables and grains are categorized as superfoods (for example blueberries are considered a superfood because of the health promoting properties they contain: antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fiber).

My list, contains superfoods that are higher in fat and are not typically considered “super” because of the fat content. Yet, by definition they should not be forgotten on any super food list. These high(er) fat nutrient dense superfoods contribute to optimal health and they should be included in your diet as part of a balanced healthy nutrition plan.

SUPERFOOD #1: Hass Avocado

A fruit also known as the “alligator pear” because of its dark coarse skin, avocado tops the list. Despite its soft creamy texture, half  an avocado contains 6.5g fiber which is more than most other fruits, vegetables or grains. Eighty percent of the calories from avocado comes from fat. So if you take a fat soluble vitamin like vitamin D, an avocado should help with its absorption. This superfruit is dense in other nutrients as well including:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K


Vitamin B6


Pantothenic Acid







…And there is much much more avocado has to offer as a superfood; it contains phytonutrients like beta-sitosterol (lowers LDL and decreases prostate cancer cell growth,,  antioxidants such as lutein (important in eye and heart health) and oleic acid (an abundant monounsaturated fat component of the avocado) which according to a review in Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry entitled “An overview of the modulatory effects of oleic acid in health and disease,”, there are multiple health benefits linked to avocado consumption including reducing inflammation, lowering risk for heart disease and wound healing.

Very recently avocado fat is being investigated as an agent that may be effective at destroying the stem cells of acute myeloid leukemia (AML),

Nutritional benefits have also been linked to anti-aging, helping maintain blood sugar levels, lowering chances of neural tube defects for the baby during pregnancy and improving gut and bowel health.

The broad spectrum of nutrients benefiting different health parameters gives this fat filled fruit its Superfood status. Eating an avocado or veggies with some guacamole  everyday is not just delicious but gives you a wide range of nutrients that can contribute to wellness.

Limiting fat can jeopardize good health decisions and interfere with good choices to eat foods like the avocado just because they contain fat. Health conscious decisions should not be solely based on the narrow scope of macronutrient distribution as carbohydrates, fats and protein consumption only scratches the surface of health as a whole and should be considered only as one piece of an intricate health puzzle.

The countdown continues next week…

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Be My Valentine: 10 Ways Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone or Together

Valerie's Voice: For the Health of It


Happy Valentine’s Day! You might be surprised, or not, that Valentine’s day is a mystery that tells 3 potential legends of St. Valentine. Visit,, to learn more and get creative.  You will find a ton of Valentine’s Day fun. Valentine’s Day games, songs, jokes, quotes and party ideas. The entire site is dedicated to love and romance including lists of movies and books to read if you want to celebrate a little differently. I myself am a little unconventional and like the unusual.

My own Valentine’s Day philosophy is that it is not just a day for lovers but a day of appreciation. Self appreciation and spreading positive thoughts that are warm and embracing to everyone. If you are single celebrate, throw a party or read a romance novel. Do whatever you want but partake in Valentine’s Day by reaching out to others to spread love and happiness.

Valentine’s Day does…

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Eat to Beat Sickness: 5 Quick Nutrition Tips

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I wish I could promise that living a healthy life would prevent you from getting sick. I can’t. In my last few blogs, I describe in detail the immune system and how to keep your body as healthy as possible. Your immune system is a system that works to protect you from bugs (parasites, bacteria, viruses, toxins…) that can make you sick.

Consuming the right foods and supplements can help maintain a strong immune system. In addition to the foods already mentioned here,,, it may be wise to try these easy additions to your meals during the flu season.

5 Quick Nutrition Tips To Boost Wellness

Make sure you get plenty of rest and incorporate these foods and supplement options into your daily wellness routine. Your health is in your hands. EAT….

  1. fresh or unsweetened organic coconut. Sugar feeds bad bacteria in the…

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Probiotics Are Beneficial Body Bugs

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Credit: Picture used from this fantastic website that has in-depth information on probiotics and gut health,

“Body bugs”, good and bad, are part of gut flora that help maintain healthy digestion. Probiotics are bacteria that live in your digestive tract or are used as supplements to help support gut health. The term probiotic is derived from the Greek word pro, meaning “promoting” and biotic, meaning “life.”

Seventy percent of the cells that make up the body’s immune system are found in the gut. Supporting a healthy gut will strengthen the immune system. Recently there has been a lot of attention given to the gut and its central role in health. Eating healthy is obviously a factor but supplementing probiotics is like having military backup to support good gut health and to help boost immunity.

When bad gut bacteria override good bacteria, bring back balance by eating foods that contain…

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